Terms and Conditions

Your registration with SpaceShip (a subsidiary of Dorm Room Movers, LLC and herein referred to as “SpaceShip”) and your purchase of our services is subject to the following Terms and Conditions (“Terms”), together with our website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy http://getspaceship.com/terms, http://getspaceship.com/privacy, which are incorporated into these Terms.


Upon purchase and submission of payments to purchase our services, you acknowledge and accept the Terms as listed below.

Service Description

SpaceShip services consists of coordinating the pickup, shipping, storage and delivery of personal items using various third party subcontractors selected by SpaceShip, such as moving companies, delivery companies and storage facilities. SpaceShip does not have liability for the acts or omissions of these third parties. SpaceShip does not at any time take physical possession of your personal items.

Registration Information

Upon registration for our services, a small amount of personally identifying information is necessary. Required registration information includes your name, address, phone number, email address and other personally identifiable information. All information that we collect is subject to our Privacy Policy http://getspaceship.com/privacy . By registering with the website you are agreeing to the collection and use of your information as disclosed in the Privacy Policy.

SpaceShip is not responsible for any errors in the information that you submit to SpaceShip in registering or placing your orders, including without limitation any additional fees or misdeliveries that may result from your errors.

Credit Card Information

All payments must be made by credit or debit card. SpaceShip does not accept payments in the form of checks or cash. You should never provide any SpaceShip representative any checks or cash under any circumstances.

Credit card information and payments will be processed through Authorize.net, our third party service provider. SpaceShip will not store your card numbers, expiration dates or card verification numbers. However, the credit card used for registration fees will be kept on file with Authorize.net. This credit card on file will be used to charge any service charges or related fees. You will not be invoiced or notified prior to SpaceShip charging your card on file. You may change the credit card on file by contacting SpaceShip representatives.

In the event that SpaceShip is unable to process your credit or debit card information for any reason, you acknowledge that you remain indebted to SpaceShip until the balance due is submitted by you and received by SpaceShip. Should you fail to pay the remaining balance, SpaceShip reserves the right to retain your belongings until full payment is received. You understand and acknowledge that delayed payments may cause delivery delays and rescheduling fees that may result from rescheduling delivery. Balances for storage services that are not paid within the storage period may result in the holding of the items as collateral until payment; if payment, is not received your belongings will be deemed abandoned and may be auctioned.

Prices and Fees

All prices and fees for our services may be found at our current price list http://getspaceship.com/prices. Prices are subject to change without notice. The price for your service order on the date and time you place your order is the applicable price for your order.

In addition to the prices, various fees may apply as described below for special arrangements or changes. SpaceShip will charge and you agree to pay any of the fees that apply to you. These fees are necessary to compensate SpaceShip for its additional expenses incurred as a result of the deviation from the standard procedures and practices of the SpaceShip services.

All promotional discounts apply only to the list price of your selected services. Discounts do not apply to any additional fees.

If you choose a shipping service, any shipping fees will be charged to you in addition to the SpaceShip services. Items over 65 lbs may be subject to a surcharge as set forth in the price list http://getspaceship.com/prices.

Accounts with an outstanding balance after 30 days from the time of pickup will be assessed a $50 late payment fee. This fee will be applied for each subsequent 30 day period in which the account carries a balance. Items will be held by SpaceShip until balance is paid in full.

Packing and Supplies

You are solely responsible for packing any boxes. Our website has packing tips to assist you in packing your boxes; however, you know your belongings better than we do, so it is your responsibility to use your best judgment in packing your boxes.

If you require supplies, you may order supply kits from our website. SpaceShip is not responsible if supply kits do not arrive in time for your scheduled pickup for an ordered SpaceShip service. You are responsible for obtaining the proper packing supplies and boxes prior to your selected pickup date and time for any SpaceShip service.


Access to Pickup Location

SpaceShip follows and adheres to all terms and conditions of university housing policies as made known to SpaceShip. SpaceShip requires you to accompany SpaceShip representatives at all times while in the pickup location. If for any reason access to site is limited by location policy, it is your responsibility to arrange a pickup and delivery location that SpaceShip can accommodate. This may require you to bring your belongings outside to SpaceShip. All fees and other terms from this Agreement will still apply.

Contract Signatures

At the time of ordering services, you will be allowed to designate an alternate contact for your order (“Alternate Contact”). Choose your Alternate Contact wisely as this individual will be entrusted with your belongings in your absence, for signing for pickup or delivery, for authorizing the charge for the services to the credit card on file, and for confirming the physical state of your belongings on delivery. Your Alternate Contact can be changed by contacting SpaceShip. SpaceShip is entitled to rely upon the representations made by your Alternate Contact and by identifying your Alternate Contact you hereby authorize them to sign on your behalf to approve credit card charges, transfer custody of your Items, and confirm their delivery and physical state at delivery. You may not dispute or challenge charges or the physical state of your Items as approved by your Alternate Contact.

Storage Services

When you place your order for storage, you schedule your preferred pick-up and delivery time and location.

You are required to be present at the specified pick-up and delivery location during the scheduled time and date. If you will not be present at pick-up or delivery, the Alternate Contact must be present.

If neither you nor your Alternate Contact is available at the scheduled pickup to provide your Items to SpaceShip, you may be charged an additional fee for rescheduling your pickup http://getspaceship.com/prices. At your or your Alternate Contact’s request, if there is no one present at delivery, SpaceShip may leave your Items outside the scheduled delivery location and SpaceShip’s responsibility and liability for your Items terminates at that time. In such case, the SpaceShip representative will sign the delivery form, indicating the physical state of the Items as of delivery, which will be the authoritative statement as to the condition of your Items. You agree and acknowledge that SpaceShip will not be held liable for damage or loss of belongings following delivery by SpaceShip.

You may reschedule a pickup or delivery time. If you reschedule a pickup or delivery time or location with at least seven (7) days advance notice of the scheduled pickup or delivery time, there is no additional charge for the rescheduling; reschedules with less than seven (7) days notice may be charged an additional rescheduling fee http://getspaceship.com/prices. If you reschedule a pickup or delivery time or location with less than 2 business day’s notice, SpaceShip will attempt to accommodate your request but may not be able to do so.

Your Items will be stored at a third party climate controlled storage facility selected at the sole discretion of SpaceShip. A “climate controlled facility” does not mean the facility is air-conditioned. A “climate controlled storage facility” is a storage facility with ventilation that maintains a reasonable temperature for storage.


In the event that you do not schedule a delivery date for your Items and SpaceShip is unable to charge your credit card for the additional storage period, and no other arrangements are made with SpaceShip for delivery, pickup or shipping of your Items, the items will be considered abandoned. SpaceShip reserves the right to assume ownership of any abandoned items 30 after the account is delinquent. Abandoned items may be discarded, auctioned or otherwise sold.


In addition to storage services, SpaceShip coordinates shipping services to any location in the United States or to a storage facility.

For shipping services, you can deliver your boxed Items to a local United Parcel Service (UPS) location for shipment. If you require the pick up service for any boxed Items for shipping you may schedule a pickup with UPS through the SpaceShip website. UPS is responsible for any arranged pickups, but SpaceShip will provide reasonable assistance if requested. Pickup is subject to the same requirements and limitations and potential additional fees as pickup for Items for storage, which are set forth above.

SpaceShip will inspect the received Items for exterior damage sustained during the shipment to the warehouse and will notify you of any damage upon receipt.

SpaceShip is only an intermediary for the receipt and forwarding of your shipped Items to UPS. You agree to complete the “Ship from” and/or “Ship to” information correctly within the SpaceShip website when placing your order for shipping services and indicate to the SpaceShip representative or UPS at the time of pickup which Items are to be shipped. SpaceShip will transport the Items to UPS as necessary and process the payment for the shipment to your credit card on file with SpaceShip.

SpaceShip is not liable for the errors or omissions of any shipping carrier. However, in the event of damage during shipping, SpaceShip will use its reasonable efforts to assist with any claim against the shipping carrier.


Restricted Items

SpaceShip cannot receive, deliver, store or ship dangerous Items. You agree that your Items do not and may not consist of any firearms, hazardous or illegal materials as defined by any federal, state, provincial, or local government in the U.S. Liquid Items or other Items that may impose a risk to your or others’ belongings may not be stored or shipped. In addition cash, jewelry and collectables may not be stored or shipped.

SpaceShip reserves the right to refuse storage or shipment of any Item that SpaceShip deems illegal, hazardous, and/or that may otherwise damage equipment or other items. SpaceShip reserves the right to open and inspect any package remitted to it for storage or shipping as SpaceShip or any of its agents or representatives deem necessary.

In the case your Items consist of any of the above prohibited items, you assume all responsibility and liability for such Items and any damages or losses that result from your failure to adhere to these service restrictions. You will indemnify and hold harmless SpaceShip for any damages or liability related to any of your Items.

Damaged Items

SpaceShip’s liability to you for any individual Box is no greater than $100. You agree that the released value of each Box is no greater than $100 and that SpaceShip’s liability on any Box is restricted to $100.

SpaceShip will have no liability to you for any Items that do not have clear indications of physical damage to the exterior. SpaceShip will not be liable for internal damage that is concealed within its outer packaging.

Any lost or damaged Items must be reported to SpaceShip within twenty-four (24) hours of delivery. After reporting, you must file a full claim with SpaceShip within ten (10) days after delivery. Claims not filed within ten (10) days post the scheduled delivery time will be considered waived. All completed claims will be processed by SpaceShip and a response issued within 30 days from their receipt. Upon approval of the claim, SpaceShip will disburse the lesser of the following amounts:

  1. The cost of reasonably restoring the Item to its original condition, up to $100
  2. The actual replacement value of the Item, up to $100

All damaged Items must be inspected by a SpaceShip representative upon delivery in order to properly inspect and assess the damage. In the case of loss of your Item, you agree to notify the SpaceShip representative upon delivery of the other Items. The missing Items must be noted on the delivery receipt and signed by the SpaceShip representative.

In the case that you are not present during the delivery, the condition as noted on the delivery confirmation as signed by you, your Alternate Contact or the SpaceShip representative will define the existence and extent of the loss or damage.

SpaceShip will have no liability for any damage or loss to the following Items:


  1. Cash
  2. Coins, jewelry, and collectables
  3. Items of intangible or indefinable value
  4. Extremely fragile items (e.g. Glass, mirrors, etc.)
  5. Damage to electronic equipment if not packed in its original manufacturer supplied packaging container and there is no evidence of physical damage or breakage to its packaging container
  6. Inadequately packed items
  7. Concealed and/or internal damage
  8. Unpackaged items, including furniture that is not wrapped and protected
  9. Minor damage caused by normal handling (including, but not limited to scratches, nicks, & cuts)
  10. Damage to outer storage containers (e.g. plastic totes, suitcases, trunks, etc.)
  11. Damage due to natural disasters, acts of terror, acts of warfare, or acts of God
  12. Damage caused to assembled furniture and particleboard
  13. Loss or damages occurring while the items are not in the possession of SpaceShip


SpaceShip’s maximum liability for loss, damage, expense or cost incurred are expressly limited by the terms listed within this Agreement and are limited only to the limited storage period during which Items are in the custody of SpaceShip.

For shipped items, UPS’s damage policy will apply to any damaged Items. Reference UPS’s website for their policy. Shipping damages or lost items should be reported directly to UPS or other shipping carrier. SpaceShip shall have no liability if any claim is denied or only partially paid by the shipping carrier.

Warranty Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

SpaceShip is not liable for any indirect, consequential, special, exemplary, or punitive damages resulting from any use of its services. All SpaceShip services are provided “AS IS” and SpaceShip makes no warranty with respect to the services or the outcome of using the services. SpaceShip disclaims any and all warranties, express or implied, with respect to the services including without limitation any implied warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and any warranty arising from a course of dealing or usage in trade. In no event may SpaceShip’s liability to you or any third party for any loss, damage, expense or cost incurred in excess of the fees paid to SpaceShip or $100 per Item whichever is greater, even if such remedy should fail of its essential purpose.

Some states do not allow the limitation or exclusions of certain warranties, so the above may not apply to you.


Independent Contractors

SpaceShip utilizes independent contractors and vendors to perform its services. You recognize the use of these parties and understand that you have no contractual agreement with any of these parties.


SpaceShip is operated by Dorm Room Movers, LLC, a privately owned limited liability company.

Arizona Law

Dorm Room Movers, LLC was founded and is controlled in Scottsdale, Arizona. As such, the laws of the great State of Arizona will govern these Terms.

Policy and Compliance

Upon registering with us for any of our services, you acknowledge and accept the above stated Terms. SpaceShip reserves the right to make changes to their policies and terms and conditions at any time and will provide you with notice on our website if we do so.

Contact Information

To contact Space Ship with any questions regarding our policies and terms and conditions, please email us at support@getspaceship.com