By-the-box storage &
shipping anywhere
in the US.

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We’ll pickup your boxes & store them as long as you need. When you want them, we’ll ship them back!

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How it works

We send boxes, you pack, and we’ll pick everything up, then store it or ship it anywhere in the US.


We’ll send you boxes & tape to pack your stuff.


We’ll send someone to pickup & ship your boxes to our nearest climate protected & secured space.


We’ll ship your stuff back to you when you need it.

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Only $14.99/mo per box for storage.

% Shipping SpaceShip boxes to our nearest space is FREE and shipping back is free if you store for more than 6 months. Otherwise, it’s just $30.55* per box to return near where we picked up. (*Limited to SpaceShip boxes under 50 lbs in certain locations.)

% $10 handling per box – covers the warehouse labor inbound and outbound. Charged when the boxes arrive to the warehouse.

% You can also ship long distance or direct to your destination for cheap.

% Get everything picked up from your home.

% No minimum quantity or storage period.

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Our Story

50,000 + moves and counting.

We started off moving college kids 9 years ago and are taking it out of this world with SpaceShip.

We have a network of warehouses and logistics professionals that have completed over 50,000 moves with us already.

Successful Missions

Some testimonials we picked up on the radio frequencies

  • Testimonials

    Fabulous experience. All personnel – from the customer service phone representatives to the superb delivery and pick-up movers – made this so easy and simple. Moving is stressful enough, and I’m so glad I used your services. I told some of my friends about you.

    – Felice S., Recent Graduate

  • Testimonials

    Damn good work. They’ll haul alllll your stuff. I’d recommend to all!

    – Cole C., Business Professional

  • Testimonials

    I was so impressed with the convenience of this company!!! The customer service was phenomenal. I will definitely use them again!

    – Simi S., College Student

  • Testimonials

    Impressed with how easy the process was! Customer service really helped me get through the process with ease.

    – Kelley D., Pack Rat

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