Moving for snowbirds flocking south for the winter or full time relocation is a breeze!

Two of the most common things retirees do are split town to Florida  move to a new place and travel the world. Why get boggled down with the details of things when you’re about to start the first day of the rest of your life? We’ll help you get organized so you can have fun! Whether you’re moving full time or just for the winter, we have what it takes to help.


How it works

1. We’ll send you boxes & tape to pack your stuff.
2. We’ll send someone to pickup & ship your boxes to your place or our nearest climate protected & secured space.
3. We’ll deliver your stuff to you when you need it.

Lets Get Started:


How much is it?

The shipping depends on where you’re going and coming from. Storage is only $11/month per box and free delivery near the destination if you store for more than 6 months. If you don’t need storage for that long, delivery is just $29.50/box. Your first pickup is FREE, any others only $10

The Specifications

  • > Send any size box you want. Even the ones you have packed already
  • > Online tracking so you can see where your stuff is
  • > $100 insurance per box standard
  • > Almost always stored 1 business day away from you.
  • > Secured and Climate protected storage.
  • > We’ve been around since 2007, and done over 20,000 moves for college students.