You only need it for a month or two, de-clutter the rest of the year!

Does everyone take the long way home just to see your lights during the holiday season? Whether you’re getting spooky for Halloween or cheerful for Christmas, decorating the outside of your home can be a fun family tradition for the whole neighborhood to enjoy. The only thing is…what do you do with all that stuff when you take it down? That’s what we’re here for! Instead of cramming all of your decorations in to the garage, send them to us and we’ll store them until you’re ready to decorate again next year!


How it works

1. We’ll send you boxes & tape to pack your stuff.
2. We’ll send someone to pickup & ship your boxes to our nearest climate protected & secured space.
3. We’ll ship your stuff back to you just in time for the holiday season.

Lets Get Started:


How much is it?

It’s only $11/month per box and we’ll even cover your shipping costs both ways if you store for more than 6 months. Don’t need storage for that long? Return shipping is just $29.50/box. Your first pickup is FREE, any others only $10.

The Specifications

  • > Send any size box you want. Even the ones you have packed already
  • > Online tracking so you can see where your stuff is
  • > $100 insurance per box standard
  • > Almost always stored 1 business day away from you.
  • > Secured and Climate protected storage.
  • > We’ve been around since 2007, and done over 20,000 moves for college students.