Ship Your Baggage

Why haul it yourself & pay for it too?

Do you come with a lot of baggage? Well, that’s not always such a bad thing. We can help you get all of your items to your new destination in a cheap and simple way! Instead of hauling your stuff through the airport, paying baggage fees and worrying about squeezing everything in a taxi, we’ll take care of all of that without the stress.


How it works

1. We’ll send you boxes & tape to pack your stuff.
2. We’ll send someone to pickup your stuff.
3. We’ll ship your stuff wherever you need it

Lets Get Started:


How much is it?

It depends on where you’re shipping to & from. Sign up to get a quote.

The Specifications

  • > Send any size box you want. Even the ones you have packed already
  • > Almost always stored 1 business day away from you.
  • > Secured and Climate protected storage.
  • > We’ve been around since 2007, and done over 20,000 moves for college students.