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5 Decorations for a Spooktacular Halloween

Halloween is just over a week away which means it’s time to get those decorations out of storage and paint the town orange! With trick-or-treaters planning out their routes, party plans being made and haunted houses getting set up,  there’s tons of different types of decorations out there. You can either go friendly for the little ones, creepy with some zombies for a scare-fest or do a little bit of everything and even mix some creepy crawlers in there.

Here are a few must have decorations for your halloween bash:

The Jack O’Lantern. Good old faithful is back. Go to your local store or pumpkin patch and grab a few for the whole family to carve. This activity let’s you get as creative as you want. You can either free hand your design or download a free template for a more precise look. Once you’ve carved your design of choice, just pop a candle or battery powered light in the middle of the pumpkin and put in on display.  Not sure what to do with the pumpkin seeds when you’re finished? Try roasting them for a yummy treat!

Skin & Bones, minus the skin. Skeletons are a clear marker that Halloween is here. They touch on the creepy side of the holiday and come in all forms and sizes. If you really want to freak people out, build a catapult to pop the skeleton up when people walk by.

The Fog Machine. Whether you keep this inside your house for your guests to enjoy or leave it outside for trick or treaters to see, having a fog machine can make for a spooky Halloween. It can completely transform the look and energy of a space, taking your living room to a graveyard with just one switch. A fog machine is also a great investment if you decorate yearly because they typically last a while and can be stored to be reused each year.

Up to Bat. Time to take out those creepy flying bats you have stashed. Hanging bats outside or around your house is an easy and quick decoration to add a little umph to your celebration.  While many people buy bats, you can get a little crafty and make them. The activity is fun for all ages and can be used over and over…just make sure you store them somewhere safe!

The Witching Hour. What says Halloween better than a witch? Adults and children have been dressing up as witches for decades and it’s one of the most symbolic figures of Halloween. You can keep your decorations simple with hats and brooms, or go full out with a life size figure.

What are you going to do with these decorations and props once November 1st is here? The answer is easy- you should store them. Don’t let boxes and bins take up room in your garage or overstuffed closets in your house. De-clutter your life and let us take them off of your hands until next year. (Except the Jack O’Lantern- you may just want to throw that one away and remake it next year)

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